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I don't know what to say or what to do
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Screencap 68: In Old Chicago (1937)
Now with MOAR ladiez! The screencap 68 of this series showcases 'In The Old Chicacgo (1937) movie, an intriguing flick with some nice ladies.

I wonder if those all are her girlfriends or she is just giving them a ride to meet someone else. Something to think abot when you go to sleep...

Movie belong to the ones who written, produced, filmed, acted, edited, distributed and own the rights for screening. Screencap posted here with no intention of money gaining with it
Screencap 67: Duel on the Mississippi (1955)
Was out in the random (somehow) and picked the one to be the 67th screencap of our series, from 'Duel on the Mississippi' movie (1955)

The old lady looks to the redhead as she likes she wants her. And to me, she gets her

Movie belong to the ones who written, produced, filmed, acted, edited, distributed and own the rights for screening. Screencap posted here with no intention of money gaining with it

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Chapter III – Husband’s Promotion (based on Secrets of Love and Marriage, No 24., July 1957, Charlton)

(I do not own Secrets of Love and marriage comic series or am affiliated to the companies who published it)

My husband’s Vincent was always a man who gave the best at the company he works with. Anything they wanted him to do, there was he, working like a maniac to fulfill their orders. For many years, he spent this time sweating and putting other matters (like me) to make ends meet and support his family. Always with the dream of something better to come.

And that came when a promotion spot opened. A salary twice or three times his current wage (by there), better place to work, bigger benefits, those stuff everyone wants when aiming a better occupation. When that spot became vacant, Vincent had his focus on it.

“You know I am not an ambitious person Carol. But I need that job! If I get it, we are set for life”

“I know! Finally all those years working at that office will be paying off themselves”

Only if it was that easy. A LOT of people applied for the job. And when I say ‘a lot’, I mean the entire office. If you saw what they reserved to the one who would get the job, you would agree with me. It was like vultures around trash, everyone vying for that job. Crazy!

And Vincent wasn’t much the kind of guy who would ‘do anything’ for something like that. Of course he worked his ass off to be the suitable man for fill that vacancy. But what about the others? Would they try to do not so ‘orthodox’ things to get that spot?

“You have to find a way to get that job, Vincent!”

“But how? I am trying to do my best, but the others are doing it as well!”

“So try to do it twice! Or even more!”

“And isn’t what I am doing everyday?”

“But for this job, the one you deserve, there is sacrifice to be needed, sweetie”

But it was hard. And his boss didn’t tell anyone about who would get promoted and by any means. Then the can of worms was open and it was a scramble to see who would get it. Not that it went to something nasty, but everyone started to get ideas as well…

And how to win that war? The answer was where least I could think: at a magazine! I was reading a mag where they made a story with people revealing the craziest things they did to get a job. It was really abundant with crazy and unorthodox stuff. And one testimonial got into my mind when I saw it.

There was this girl who told her husband to try to seduce her boss (a woman, of course) in order to her get a raise. Not only he managed to accomplish that (both having the sex and the raise), but they had a threesome as well! I was appalled when I read that to the point it even made me excited! And run with ideas as well…

I thought a lot before I told Vincent about that. Don’t tell me why, but that idea just made me realize that we had to do that to make him that job. But, at least in the beginning, he wasn’t too sure

“You must be crazy, Carol!”

“Listen, honey… To me won’t be an issue. It won’t mean it’s cheating or something like that. It’s like acting”

“But in my mind this idea of sleeping with other man don’t sit well. And moreover, the guy you want to sleep with is my boss! What if this backfires and he ends up firing me?”

“I guarantee that won’ happen, Vincent”

I understood how he was reluctant, but guess through the days he convinced himself that it was a good idea after all. Then, we started to build up the idea, pretty much taking something from the tale that girl said in the magazine. We admit that, sometimes, we thought to stop thinking about it and quitting, but if that was the needed shot to him land the promotion, why not try it?

Since Vincent and his boss, named Glenn, were pretty much ‘friends’, we decided to call him to a dinner. It’s been a while that he asked us to that but none of us had the proper opportunity to do it. Until that fateful night…

Then I need to talk about that night. Vincent, Glenn and I convened to that dinner. Before we even start, we had a last talk. Would we back off after all we did?

“Will it work?”

“We can only hope that does”

The dinner and meeting themselves were uneventful. Just regular chat, which involved the job talk. His boss didn’t gave us too much clues, but we knew that we were going in the right direction.

“So, Glenn. What about that vacant spot at Financial Managing section?”

“Well, I am still unsure! I cannot believe how many people applied for that job! It’s insane! And it’s not even the best job available”

“You have to admit that it’s a vacancy that, to many people, might save lives. You know, nice wage, benefits…”

“I just don’t understand why. It’s not a high position in the hierarchy and people feel like they were about to kill for that job. And you know none of their jobs are without benefits or something like that”

“But we are living a moment of crisis. You gotta see that, now, any money is every money, Or whatever they say”

Glenn then told us about the stuff people did to get jobs in places where a few of his friends worked. If I told you, would make everything I was trying to do too tame…

But onto the plan. After the dinner was over, Vincent left to a place at our home where he got the door just enough open to watch the scene without being noticed. It was me and Glenn there. Now it was time to make sure that promotion was his.

“How about this dinner, Glenn?”

“I do not eat often at the employee’s homes, but you know how to make a great dinner, Carol”

“I know. That was made specially for you… that is an amazing boss and knows how to care about your employees”

Me, who never thought myself as this seductress vixen Hayworth-style, had to try to start to seduce my husband’s boss. And the first thing my intuition did was to put my hand at his thigh.

“So… did you decide who will get that job spot?”

“I am still doubtful. There are too many applications and everybody is fit for the job.. You understand me right, Carol?”

“I do. But, at least to me, I think that Vincent is the right fit for the promotion”

“I don’t know… there are too many applicants and I have to find the right person carefully”

“Sorry, Glenn, but you can call me too much ‘partial’ on that if you want. But I do think that Vincent should be the one to win the job. And I know you know it pretty well”

“I can’t say anything about that, Carol“

“Maybe I think I should convince you about that”
“What do you mean, Carol?”

“You know exactly what I mean”

I was mentally crapping myself because of that, but if we had to get that job, we had to do it! Then, to Glenn’s complete shock, my hand swiftly moved around his lap and close to this dick. I could feel him gulping when I had myself close to his cock.

“Carol, what are you doing?”

“Trying to make my husband have a decent job!”

I had to follow the instinct and soon I had his cock at my hands and I was rubbing it. Glenn was so shocked about that he didn’t knew if he would tell me to stop or else. I bet he never would know that his employee’s wife would do such thing.

“What are you doing? You are a married woman”

“I know I am. But I am not dead. And I am also a woman who needs to have fun while helping the man I love”

“What if Vincent comes in? I don’t want to…”

“Then WE have a story to tell him”

When I started to give my husband’s boss a blowjob, pretty much all the doubts and fears were off the table. I had to fuck his boss in order to make sure he would get the promotion. And nothing would make me stop. About Glenn? Guess he convinced himself that he should not let go an opportunity like that. Businessmen, you know…

I am not lying when I say I never thought about even look to other men before that night. Cheating Vincent wasn’t my thing but this was a deal for both of us if we needed to keep things going well at home. And I know how to make a man feel pleasure

“Uhhhhh! What the… What iff...”

“Vincent is there doing his stuff… not it’s our turn to do ours”

Guess it was too much to him to even imagine that was some sort of a ‘set-up’. I did my best to suck his cock and then I just sit on him and started to ride his dick. And in my mind I just had two things: if I was doing it well and how Vincent was enjoying our ‘little game’.

“Ahhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

It was the first time I fucked a man that wasn’t my husband. Something that I never thought it was possible and there I was, doing it to ‘save’ his job. I can’t tell it exactly how I feel about it. But I admit it was pretty much pleasurable. And Glenn can fuck pretty well.

“Fuck Me Glenn! Fuck my stallion! Fuck Yeah!”

The ‘character’ needed that I said those words to him. But myself was liking. I pretty much got my mind turned on by that idea during the sex. And Glenn also liked, with his hands with tight grip in my hips, holding me to not leave him.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Carol! Only if I saw this side of yours before…”

Glenn was divorced and, judging by the sex we did, I quite never understood why he remained single since his ex-wife split with him. And guess I will never understand as well… by the way, I am lucky that I got the pill since he came inside my pussy after the quick and feverish sexual section.

“AHhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yesss…’

“Did you like, Glenn?”

“Well… It was… so… wow… I can’t find words”

“It was made specially for you, Glenn. You are my husband’s boss and I want to treat you very well”

“You did indeed, Carol”

“So, what about that job thing? Will he get the job?”

“After that, I guess I won’t need to have many reunions with shareholders about it”

I smiled and kissed his cheek before Vincent appeared out of nowhere, his cock hard as anything. Glenn saw astonished when he saw him like that. And guess it was there when he realized the kind of thing he was in.

“That means I will get the job? Swell! We done it baby!”

“So this was all a trick to get the job?”

“Not exactly. It was just a test. But it seems it went pretty well”

Glenn was so shocked with that and also the sex was so good that he could not take back his words (you know what they say about kings, saints and their promises…). But there was one thing that could make everything better…

“I don’t know…  I think we can talk. But, gosh, I think I need another round”

“And I think, this time I will join. Could I, Carol?”

‘Always, dear!”

And there was another thing I never did in my whole life: have sex with two men with one being Vincent. The night was so crazy that we just went it and it was as awesome as doing Glenn. But for that I would need to make a second tale…

Vincent landed the promotion and now works in a better occupation, with better wage, benefits and more free time to the family. Life couldn’t be any better… but once a week, Glenn comes over for dinner. And the eventual threesome. Because you know what happens when you give someone a raise, don’t you?
More Romance Comic Stories - Chapter III
Sorry for again (should I apologize all the time for that?) but now I came with another chapter of the 'new season' of the romance comic story series. This times, you will learn what a woman can do to ensure her husband to get promoted at his job...

Yes, it envolves the 'carnal stuff', if you are asking


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Writer of toon/comic centered erotic art. May favours sometimes girl-girl love, male bisexuals girls with hats, stockings and vintage clothes, Disney Princesses (and some princes), romance comic cover people, Erotic Comic characters and Cartoon people

A man with a bicurious mind over toon characters



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