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Chapter XCIX – Surprise, Suprise (based on Secret Hearts No. 20 cover, DC, February-March 1954)

(I do not own Secret Hearts comic series or am affiliated to the companies who published it)

I could say that it would be the ‘honeymoon’ me and my boyfriend Larry needed, but Christine had to appear! I could say that but I would deny the fact I am erasing one of the best things I ever did my whole life. That was so unexpected and so strange (at least to me) that I don’t know how much I can explain that to you. But guess I have to find a way to.

Christine and Larry were friends way before I met and started to date him. That kind of ‘friends since school’ that almost never were seen apart. When one was, mostly the other was there and when they were together, it was like they forgot about the world and only cared about their history.

I should not care too much about it, given they knew each other before I met Larry, but the fact she spend most of her time with my boyfriend kinda unnerved me. I admit that I never thought myself as a jealous girl but she made that side come afloat. But apart that normal rambling, I never had any kind of grudge against her. She wasn’t a bad person and she was likeable, but just unnerved me the fact that, when I wanted sometimes to be alone with him, she appeared to cut the mood.

At first, I just saw it as just a thing from old school friends, but as long as she ruined or nearly did many of my encounters as Larry pretty much left me in the cold just to be with her, that escalated into a situation that I hated. I didn’t have anything against her, but seeing her taking my man away from me was enough for me to get my nerves rustled. And there comes the jealousy and those ‘nightmares’ of them being ‘more than just friends’. You know, those two cheating on me behind my back, showing that all ‘friendship’ was a scam so they could bang each other!

Yes, I was a paranoid about that, but what could I think?. Which woman could live in peace if her boyfriend spent most of his time with another woman? I bet many of you that are reading me at this very moment will agree with me on this statement or had lived similar situation.

But there was a time where things change and you start to see them in another angle. That happened two years ago in a winter trip to a cabin his family owned in the Northeast. And there me and Larry to spend what we thought it were a ‘honeymoon’.

“Just the two of us! Me and you, Barbara!”

“If you say so… I was dying to have such getway from here”

At least for a while it was the two of us there, until the door opened and…

“What a surprise! Didn’t knew that the two of you were here!”

“Christine? What are you doing here?”

“Did you two forget that I do have a cabin close to Larry’s parents?”

Larry never mentioned me that! (Or I just forgot or ‘erased’ from my mind when he said it). And there was the ‘bitch’ there, ready to kill the mood of our honeymoon, a moment that we expected for us to be together and make love without our problems coming in front of us. And she was there, ready to ruin it.

I kept my cool and cheered her and even invited her for a coffee, which she accepted. She spent at the cabin nearly until late night and when me and Larry were finally alone, both of us were tired to try anything lovely between us. And so it went during the first days she arrived.

“I am thinking that you are spending this vacation too much close with Christine...”

“She is my friend, Barbara!”

“I ain’t saying otherwise, just thinking that you are staying more with her than we me, your girlfriend”

“Don’t even start! You aren’t even a jealous woman!”

“I am not jealous. Just thinking that you need to stay with me more. This was our honeymoon, remember?”

“But you don’t need to act that way!”

“I am not acting at anyway, Larry! I just want to be with you. This was for us, after all…”

Larry promised that he would stay more with me and that happened for a while, but when Christine appeared, pretty much he tried to not leave me in the cold to stay with her. But sometimes their friendship pretty much hindered the plans of a ‘just the two of us’ vacation.

I kept my cool, but still had my arguments with Larry about that. I knew he wouldn’t care so I decided to go to the person that stood between me and my boyfriend. And have ‘that talk’.

“Sorry to talk with you about that. Christine, but I got to let this out of my mind”

“What is going on, Barbara? Is something bad?”

“It isn’ t, well to me is but I don’t know it’s for you”

“Ah? What?”

“I do not want to make this talk go round and round, so there it is: I don’t know why but your presence close to Larry sometimes bothers me”

“What the heck? What did you just said to me?”

“Sorry, but I cannot bear to hold that. I don’t have anything against you, but I have to confess that, sometimes, is bothersome to me see Larry stay more with you than with me”

That start some sort of argument, where Christine felt at start offended but I managed to show her that it wasn’t the point. I carefully explained what I felt, said that I appreciated her, the friendship with Larry but I told her all I felt. Yes, there were a few screams and word fight but the both of us found out it was fruitless to be mad with each other.

“It wasn’t my attention, Barbara. I do apologize if I pass the notion that I might be a little close to Larry than you want me to be. But you have to understand that we are best friends! The worse thing to friends is when a boyfriend or girlfriend comes between the friendship, and you know it”

“To me, YOU are the one who stands between me and Larry. I have nothing against you, Christine, but I don’t want to feel paranoid because of that”

And it went on, at first we argued a lot but when cool heads prevailed. And well, it was pretty stupid of myself to be mad with her or Larry since it shouldn’t be anything to act like a ‘scorned lady’. And I asked her for forgiveness

“You don’t need to feel sorry, Barbara. In fact, I will help you to have a nice moment with Larry”

“What do you mean?”

“Just wait and see…”

It took one day for her plan to become reality. In fact, I didn’t know anything that she was meant to do until she arrived at our cabin one moment that me and Larry were dancing to some slow music and having a romantic evening.

“Good evening! Surprised to see me?”

“No one can’t be surprised with you here, Christine!”

“I like the way you talk about me, Larry. But my visit here is not about the ordinary stuff we like to talk about”

“What happened? Your voice is a bit serious than usual”

”Well, I came here to tell you that me and your girlfriend had a little talk about the situation the three of us. I see that I have been standing between your love moments and sometimes I feel that I am too much putting you two apart”

“Why think about that? What did you said to her, Barbara?”

“Only what I had to talk, Larry”

“Don’t argue with her! It’s not her fault!”

“Please, Christine. Say what you need to say. We are listening”

“Well, I talked with Barbara yesterday and we had a pleasant chat, even with some arguments, about the situation involving you, me and her. I feel that I am the ‘third person’ here and that I am hindering your relationship with her and your vacation and I wish to apologize with you”

“Why? You aren’t hindering anything? Your presence here is so good and you coming here out of nowhere were an awesome surprise. I don’t know what Barbara told you, but…”

“You should not to worry about it, Larry. Yes, we had something but we patched up. And yes, you know that I am not letting you two enjoy your honeymoon as every couple should and I must compensate for the time lost”

“You don’t need to, Christine…”
“Please, let her talk!”

“Well, I thought the only way that I found to make you happy was to leave, but I do want something different for you, to show that I am not here to make you apart, but together”

“And all that talk means that you want to do what?”

She came close to us, that naughty face and whispered the ‘threeway’ word. We told her to say it again, so she said it again. And again, now louder. She really wanted to have a threeway with us; it was her only idea to make peace with me and to show that she isn’t trying to place a burden into my relationship. Of course we went shocked with her suggestion! We never had a threesome in our whole lives and never could think that Christine would be the one to suggest us that!


“No, Larry. I will understand if you refuse it, but I don’t have other suggestion and I am here in ‘sacrifice’ for you two to at least attempt to save your relationship and make you two happy again. I won’t be a burden for you”

“Sincerely, I think we should accept it!”

“Barbara? H-How… W-Why?”

“I talked with her and, actually, it was partially my fault to let jealousy take over. So, if she wants to have us, let her have us”

Larry thought for a while and even if I think that he would be convinced by any means possible, he ended up agreeing with the idea. And since she was there, we just needed to take our clothes and do it.

I don’t want to get much in details that can make this story bothersome for some to read, but let me tell you what we did. Actually, it was her who saw us doing first, as she watched me sucking Larry’s dick and then he filling my pussy. I don’t know why, but it excited me when she whispered ay my ear during my sucking dick session that she wanted to do him while they were teens.

It was arousing to perform a blowjob in front of another person, something I never suggested to Larry during our relationship and the moment made the perfect thing to show Christine how our relationship was.

“Yes! Suck it! Suck it good!”

He climbed on me and we fucked at the floor, above the furry rug and I could hear her masturbate and moan as Larry fucked me hard and deep. He soon caught me in all fours and I could see her smiling and telling him to go further and bang me good.

“Yes! Yes! Do her!”

Them I pretty much killed my jealousy and let them have it. The frightening thing in my mind was there, but when I saw Christine suck his dick and then do a 69 it went through the cold windows of winter. It wasn’t something to be angry about it. It was to get excited with.

“Go Christine! Suck Larry’s dick! Please!”

I don’t know if she was realizing a dream or just doing something driven by the purest pleasure, I only had eyes to see my boyfriend moaning while his BFF sucked his cock and to see her get pleased with his tongue going all over her pussy. I touched myself like maniac during that,

I watched them do each other in all ways possible, saw Christine ride him good, hump at his dick and having her cunt filled with his dick. It was crazy to see how her hat didn’t go off her head as they did it. She looked and me and blinked as if she wanted to me to join them, but I allowed them to have each other, as then he did her in all fours and also sideways, pumping her really hard.

I joined afterwards and we did each other in a frenzy thing, as we started with me and Christine kissing and licking each others’ as Larry did my asshole. I never had such experience in my life and it was something that I would never imagine that it was so amazing to have a woman do you orally.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhh!”

He fucked us and we licked and kissed each other all the way, finding peace through semi lesbianism and mild bisexuality. We took turns on him and licked our holes and stuff at that crazy cold night, warming each other in a cozy feeling and having so many orgasms before we all came and collapsed tired at the floor.

My situation with Christine got better afterwards, as she became our lover and she pretty much decided to help us to feel more comfortable without hindering my nights with Larry. And a surprise visit resulted in a thing that, I can say that saved our relationship.
Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XCIX
When friends come over when you are at honeymoon, is already a burden. Worse if your husband's best friend (who is a woman, btw), appears out of nowhere and decided to come between you two? Well, but threesomes are for that, you know
Screencap 52: She Done Him Wrong (1933)
I am in a bit of  a 'dry spell' of stories and to not let you down, another screencap to 'Old Movie Lust' series, this time a Mae West classic, 'She Done Him Wrong'

Well, I bet they want to do each other right. That's what I know

Movie belong to the ones who written, produced, filmed, acted, edited, distributed and own the rights for screening. Screencap posted here with no intention of money gaining with it
Screencap 51: Coroner Creek (1948)
Here in Brazil, the number 51 is linked to an alcoholic beverage named with the number whose slogan is 'A Good Idea'. And post now another screencap is an excellent idea. This one is for another Western, Coroner Creek (1948).

It seems she came to get the best good of the store... its owner!

Movie belong to the ones who written, produced, filmed, acted, edited, distributed and own the rights for screening. Screencap posted here with no intention of money gaining with it

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Scoobyuri – A Lesbian Compendium

Chapter 44  - Who said Porn Needs a Plot?  

(Featuring Honey Hunsecker and Autumn Summerfield )


I do not own any of the characters on this story, save if they are original characters (OC). They belong to their creators, producers, broadcasters, publishers and distributors, as the works they come from or inspired in way the story written below.
I do not have any financial gain through this written piece nor do I intend to cash on it. This content is mostly to be seen as a parody work with adult content. I repeat a parody. With adult content.

For the reason mentioned above, people under the authorized age to see erotic material wherever they live aren't allowed to read this story.
Anyone else who bears something against the content, characters or anything else must also look somewhere else to be.
If you are fit to read this story and contribute with something, feel free to do so.
Thanks and now, enjoy this work as much as I did writing.

Let’s start this story different from all the stories we did before. Let’s cut all the bullshit and the long talks about how they went to have sex and go straight to the action. I know you all want to see a nice tale being built from top to bottom, but this time let’s cut the crap and to where we most desire to be.

So, there we are, at Autumn Summerfield’s apartment. The athlete manager is enjoying a nice day, but she isn’t alone. Her good friend Honey Hunsecker was visiting her to enjoy a friendly moment with her, if you know what I mean.

And then we find them at the balcony, with Autumn having her legs apart and Honey sticking a pink vibrator inside her pussy. They were already into their fun and didn’t want to waste a second with distractions.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I am so proud that I bought that vibrator throught that catalog!”, ´said the manager.

“You have to the proud to use it. An unused sex toy is always a shame to have”, replied Honey.

Mrs. Hunsecker used the toy, which vibrate in a different way other than the usual buzz of that kind of sex toy. She rubbed it inside her lover’s pussy, making her burst in delight. They already did a few stuff by that point of the day, but who said there were doing enough?

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Yes! Tramp, I will show you what you deserve!”

Wickedly, she pushed the toy until where she could and took it back, only to do it again and again and again… the vibrator was at its full speed and power, ‘buzzing’ hard and deep while in contact with the ponytailed agent’s inner walls. Of course, the results were loud moans and all that stuff.

But soon Honey got a bid bored of using the toy and decided to use her own hands to please her lover before she told Autumn to be in all fours so she could put her head behind her and lick her both holes.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm! Dildoes can be good, but a tongue is way better!”

The brownhaired former poacher opened her buttcheeks apart as she started with Ms. Summerfield’s asshole, licking and kissing as she did a few interventions with her index finger. It was a smart move and Autumn’s body shivered with pleasure, not denying her ass was sensitive and she liked to sexually stimulate her poohole.
“Uhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Lick my ass! My God!”

Autumn wasn’t a virgin anally speaking, but still her asshole felt like never had being penetrated. It was very sensitive and any touch of Honey’s tongue or finger was prone to produce a moan. When the hatted girl decided to get deep with her moves, it was almost like she gave her an orgasm.

“If anyone hears that, he or she wouldn’t believe you ever had in the ass!”

“I can’t say anything about it. You all know my butt is a fucking erogenous zone”

“Sometimes, too erogenous…”

The asshole was a place to love to stimulate but for women, the ‘real fun’ happens at the pussy and soon Honey started to eat her girlfriend’s slit. The same fingers that helped to please the athlete career manager’s butthole went for the wet place as well.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The effects of Mrs. Hunsecker’s were immediate. Her friend cut was ‘asking for being stimulated’ as much as her ass was. Therefore, it was no delight loss for Autumn Summerfield and it would be a bit of a problem if she couldn’t feel the same fun at both sides of the game.

Honey used one or two fingers, nothing more than that number, to make her lover get warmed and wet. Then, her mouth came to field to taste the superb pussy for the cycle to repeat. The combination is unbeatable if you want to find where your woman feels pleasure the most and how to stimulate it.

Then the light brownhaired woman had one finger inside the ponytailed’s ass and the tongue working at the lady’s cunt. Using Autumn’s butt sensitivity allied with the wetness of her pussy was another killer combination in order to make pleasure.

“You son of a bitch! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”


“I don’t give a fuck! Let me curse the way I want!”

The sexual etiquette (if there is one) says that, unless is too offensive or weird, speaking dirty words is something much welcome to the sex and have to be allowed at given times. Thus, the ‘son of a bitch’, even if it’s a lesbian encounter, was under those rules and could be said without raising any questions.

Autumn’s ass puckered a little while Honey fingered that hole and rubbed the tip against the inner side of her butt. She played with her butt cheeks, using the other free hand as her tongue was still busy eating pussy. But next, the former thief went to taste both holes, not that one was securely enough ready to feel the brush of a woman’s tongue.

“You do what no other man did, Honey!”

And it was a terrible problem to men not only Ms. Summerfield’s anal sensitivity, but how to make it work well and bring the pussy as well to the action. Being a bisexual female with worldwide experience, Honey Hunsecker was able to learn through practice (mostly with other girls) a way to make sensitive butts be less a case for girls to worry and more of an asset to an orgasm.

The ponytailed sportspeople agent took the licking and the fingering very well, squealing without being too noisy and always begging for that action to continue. Porn without plot is always the one where you can show sex without guilt.

“I will make your holes cream, Autumn!”

“Yes! Do it, please do it!”

It took a while for her to make that happen, but now let’s get into another moment before we see a possible continuation or final act for that dual-eating. It was when both kiss were kissing close to the balcony to Honey, after their lips and tongues did the dance, gently pushed her lover’s head down, saying ‘without words’ what she wanted to enjoy.

And the agent did what her friend wanted. She didn’t say a word as well, saving her mouth to savor the poacher’s always fresh pussy. And she wasn’t keen to take it slow, she just want lapping fast and playing with the clit right from the start. She knew how to do it with her there was no need to ‘warm up the field’.

With her back against the Greek-styled marble balcony, Honey Hunsecker readily surrendered to the will of Autumn’s tongue. Well, she was about to do that anyway, but even her never thought that it was so fast. The deep sucking and fast lapping surprised her at some point and all what she could do was moan of pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhh! Oh Autumn!”

Her right hand went to the ponytailed agent’s head, patting her hair and securing that she wouldn’t slip away from her delightful slit. Mrs. Hunsecker’s left hand touched her own boobs, mature and perky as she could have. With a few round of the light brownhaired licking her own fingers too.

“Hmmmphh… uhhh… Honey…”

“I see you are deep into pussy right now, huh?”

“I don’t know what it is, but it feels like your cunt is a magnet!”

“If you want to know, my husband says the same once in a while”

Henry Hunsecker, Honey’s significant other, was definitely right when he said that she had some sort of ‘magnet’ inside her panties. Men and women all loved to prove the fruit she carried with her herself, enjoy the sexy taste of her vagina; partake into sexual actions with the true intention to make her cum. As the part-time nymphomaniac as she is, why worry about that? If it’s consensual and there is an opportunity, you must take it no matter what.

Autumn Summerfield took the opportunity like it presented to her. And how she took it! Her tongue did the entire job that was expected from it and even more than that! She lapped quick and like a drum the slit of her poacher friend, feeling her juices and tasting the naughty taste of another woman’s genitalia.

“Hmmmmmm… Autumn… your tongue… hmm…”

Autumn ate her lover’s pussy until she decided to use something else and, for a while, a rubber dildo replaced her tongue. The toy, somewhat ‘jelly-like’, begun to work with Ms. Summerfield rubbing it against the brownhaired woman’s clit, and then, it was inside.

“I love this toy! If feels so crazy inside my pussy!”

The ‘craziness’ Honey was talking about was due to the fact that, since he was a bit ‘jelly’, the way wasn’t rigid like most of the sex toys. Being at some point limp, it was like she had an accordion going inside her cunny. A feeling she told everyone to have once in a while.

“I am still not used to this toy”

“With time you will like to handle it. Just like I did”

The jelly and nearly loose appearance of the toy, indeed, added something different to the equation. The feeling was not like a ‘traditional’ one but it gave pleasure. It was like a big tongue penetrated her pussy and played with her inner parts. Something that it could look like weird, but as the time went by, it became interesting.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… Wow… uhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

Autumn took the toy and just put the dildo’s tip inside before she put it all over again, and she did that action plenty of times. Not counting the ones that she rubbed it against the clit and outer areas of groin and vagina.

The effects of the ‘jelly dick’ weren’t different of the ones that more rigid sex toys usually are. Just the format and the composition that was different. But there wasn’t anything to complain about it. Or to worry about. Just pleasure to happen.

“You are the first one that screams like that with it”

“Now you see this shit works so good!”

And that toy worked a lot inside the ponytail’s pussy. Honey Hunsecker was wickedly horny and a bit greedy to make her friend moan and have intense sexual feelings. And Ms. Summerfield was greedy to feel all that thing swirl inside her slit.

Not only sex toys were available, also fingers and even a full hand. This time was Honey who was getting fist fucked by the talent manager. With the legs wide open, the former convict called her lover to the action and suggested her they could have some fun with other kind of stuff.

Autumn wasn’t used to the arts of fisting, not much seen in America but a different and daring erotic attraction overseas. Then, anytime a person did that to her, it was an awkward feeling at the start, but when getting used to it, it wasn’t like a different kind of monster.

“I always knew you had heavy fists, but not that way”

“My fists do not bring violence, yet love!”

Honey put her whole hand at good work, fucking like she had an enlarged dildo at her hands. Even to her, it was something unusual even if done a few times in her lifetime.

“I feel like I have a palm tree inside my pussy”

“Don’t exaggerate, please!”

Exaggerate? Maybe Autumn was, but it was a different situation that involved use of parts of the body that not many like to be included into the sexual intercourse. And that maybe was the boiling point of it all. Why worry about that if it was something that didn’t seem weird?

And many things they did that day, those two. We could talk about that all day, but we wouldn’t even cover the half of it. They were like two toys with long-duration batteries, doing it all the time. They of course took some breaks, but they returned to the action until very late in the night.

I don’t think we need to add much to the story. Just to imagine what they did it that day. It’s a porn with plot anyway, so why we need a plot there?

THE END (of this chapter)
Scoobyuri - Chapter 44
Who said a smutty story needs a plot to be good. At least this one has features that might enable a discussion about that. If you want to read a story about lesbian action, be for it

Featuring two 'What's New' chars: Honey Hunsecker (Safari so Goodie) and Autumn Summerfield (The Unnatural)


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Writer of toon/comic centered erotic art. May favours sometimes girl-girl love, male bisexuals girls with hats, stockings and vintage clothes, Disney Princesses (and some princes), romance comic cover people, Erotic Comic characters and Cartoon people

A man with a bicurious mind over toon characters
Every regime with authoritarian bones says that they are to end to the 'status quo' and make a 'new world'

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